Our mission is to prepare children for a healthy, rewarding and successful experience of modelling. We also offer online art education and modelling classes to girls in hard-to-reach, remote areas. Our classes teach girls how to take charge of their physical, social and emotional growth and development so that they know how to create a balanced, harmonious and happy life for themselves.

Our Aims 

Seven core principles underpin all our teaching. Teaching these principles through everything we do in the classes ensures that our students develop the qualities, attributes and skills they need in order to be creative, thrive, flourish and fulfil their potential. We aim specifically to ensure that each individual student:

*Develops their emotional, physical and mental self-awareness

*Identify and develop their personal strengths

*Understands the importance of self-acceptance and self-kindness

*Knows what personally works for them to be resilient, to cope with the many social pressures that children face nowadays, stay mentally strong and positive

*Be aware that many different cultures other than their own exist in the world

*Have respect and tolerance for diversity and difference and care for their friends

*Cultivate their imagination and ambition for themselves

Artangelswalk Seven Teaching Principles:

    • Self-awareness
    • Strength development
    • Self-acceptance and self-kindness
    • Resilience and mental well-being
    • Cross cultural awareness
    • Respect, tolerance and care
    • Imagination and ambition